Saturday, 28 July 2012


Welcome to my new home. My previous home was Planethalder. Feel free to browse the archives there.


  1. Hello nice to see you are back to blogging. When I first saw this new blog I didn't realise this is your actual name. I thought a Bornali Shade was a type of beautiful Indian flower I hadn't heard of :) This whole debate of blogging under your actual name has been on my mind too. As I am preparing to launch my new lifestyle blog next month I finally decided to link it to my business website as that makes commercial sense. In the meantime I am trying to protect as much as possible my personal information: I don't really want to give clients access to things like holiday pictures etc. I guess it's mainly flickr (which I don't use anymore but which still has lots of photos uploaded) and facebook that give the most google hits and those profiles I am now setting to private... PS we had my usual favorite: lentil soup, pashwari naan, chicken korma and a lamb dish it was yummy but I wish the Bombay Bicycle delivered to Antwerp ;)

  2. Hi Chaton. Yes, blogging under my own name is a departure but it's certainly giving me a new lease of blogging and tweeting life! I guess it's also because I want to publish under my real name so this website will be part of my writing dream... We'll see how it goes.