Monday, 8 October 2012

A long weekend

Our weekend began on Friday as M and I took the morning off to view the Rothko and Sugimoto exhibition at Pace London. What a sublime pairing. An exhibition to return to and wallow in again and again. We also popped in to see Robert Motherwell's prints at Bernard Jacobson, plus a few other small galleries. We breakfasted at the Nordic Bakery on Golden Square and lunched at Meat Liquor on Welbeck Street.

On Saturday, we visited the British Museum with little R, who enjoyed pretending to be statues in various rooms of the museum. We also gave her her first taste of Korean food at one of our favourite restaurants Biwon on Coptic Street. The seafood and vegetable pancakes were perfect for her as they weren't too spicy. M and I used to meet up at Biwon often before we were married - first as friends and then as more-than-friends, so it really warms me to introduce our little girl to the place too. We picked up steaks from The Ginger Pig in Marylebone for dinner.

On Sunday, M ran around Hampstead Heath. The weather was beautiful - sunny and crisp - so little R and I joined him there later for brunch. Two cooked, English breakfasts for M and I and pecan cake (and lots of bacon from our plates) for little R. We are lucky to be so close to the Heath and it's becoming a weekend ritual to visit on days when the weather is fine. In the evening, M roasted a lamb and we ate it with endives with blue cheese, roast beets and roast potatoes.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too. I get quite a few visitors viewing my posts but very few comments so please feel free to de-lurk and let me know who you are :-)


  1. delurking ... im suparna, have been reading your blog for a long time now for the tranquil quality your writing and descriptions have. the Biwon story was a heartwarmer indeed :)

    to add - for readers like me, it's been a long wait for your book!

  2. The Rothko and Sugimoto exhibition looks like something I would enjoy very much - I'll try and get to that.

  3. Did you get to the Tate BD or AD (before or after the defacing)? What a horrible thing to happen!
    You are lucky to be able to go out and really enjoy everything that London has to offer. Even though we live so close to NYC, now that my kids have a social life and can present their likes and dislikes effectively, it is much harder to get everyone together and to decide on what delights to enjoy in the city. So there I am, so close yet so far. At this stage, for me, the city is for work, the suburbs for the comforts of a child's social life and their sports.

  4. Thank you for your comments. Mad Hatter, yes I too feel like it's a long wait for my book (see today's post). Jean - do go see the exhibition. It's a meditative experience. Kiran - I know when little R is older she will be more reluctant to be dragged around by us, but I think M and I will still take days off during the week to do the things we want to do (or on weekends when she's with her Grandma).

  5. Guilty as charged...i have been an avid reader of your blog for a while now....i live outskirts of london and
    visit london every alternative weekends, and when i do...i take your recommendations about the restaurants mentioned in ur posts. I love reading about adorable Little planet.
    I love the way you guys explore different cuisines and introduce the same to the little one and the fact that your passion for the art galleries is amazing....