Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Naturally introverted

I am a natural introvert. I am not necessarily shy, nor am I unsociable, but I gain my energy through solitude and not company. An hour in company requires two hours or more on my own in order to regain equilibrium. I am fine in an anonymous crowd - I can feel gloriously alone in the midst of people I do not know. I was happily single for years whilst living in busy London, prior to meeting my husband. When I met him, we clicked because he is a natural introvert too. We give each other a lot of space and we do not feel the need to always converse together. Parenting a small child is also a noisy affair, though I am blessed with a child who can spend a long time playing by herself, letting me have some quiet time if I request it (a rare quality in a 4 year old, I know, and she doesn't always comply!).

On Saturday, M had to work and Little R was spending the day with Grandma. So I took the opportunity to take off into my own world. I meandered around Kew Gardens...

I listened to music and watched the movie Take This Waltz. Then I met M for dinner that night at the Korean restaurant Koba, where we ate pickles, pancakes and BBQ beef.

Sunday was spent visiting friends - Little R's Godparents and Godsisters and celebrating a birthday. A particularly relaxed day because I'd had the previous day to myself.

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  1. Some of my happiest times are those where I go for long walks in solitude, or just potter around the house. I need these blocks of time to regroup. In times where you are expected to be an in-your-face social livewire whether you like it or not, these moments are precious.