Sunday, 16 September 2012

Squashes and funfairs

We've stayed close to home again this weekend. It's been extra special because M hasn't had to go into work, though he's had to do a bit of working from home.

Yesterday, Saturday, we breakfasted on pain au raisin, hazelnut and raisin toast, and babycino (for little R) at the delightful Vintage Cafe in Finsbury Park, then walked up the hill to the funfair at Highbury Fields. There, little R indulged in a big bucket of popcorn, which she only very reluctantly shared with us. Afterwards, we walked back down the hill for a late lunch at Argentinian restaurant Garufa. M ate their famous burger, little R devoured the empanadas which she loves because they remind her of non-spicy samosas, and I had creamed sweetcorn and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

Back at home, and after putting little R to bed, M made devilled crabs from a Margot Henderson recipe in a recent Observer Food Monthly edition. They were so quick to make and had a fresh and zesty bite to them. For dessert, M baked fresh figs with a drizzle of honey and some crumbled blue cheese. They were incredibly moreish. We ended the day watching Jeff Bridges play a faded country singer in the spectacular Crazy Heart film. His singing voice was amazing, with a depth and range that made me shiver - a hint of Johnny Cash, a dash of Leonard Cohen. I must buy the soundtrack.

Today, Sunday, M went for a long run around Hampstead Heath and I took little R to Church. I usually go alone each week, but I am trying to get little R accustomed to attending (and sitting still and quietly!), so she comes with me every few weeks. It's the local church attached to her school and this morning she was excited to sit next to one of her school friends there. They whispered together and coloured in. After M returned home, we walked to the local market to buy bread, fruit and vegetables. Little R met another school friend there so they played while we shopped and chatted and generally caught up with each other.

The rest of the day is being spent at home watching DVDs and playing (little R), doing laundry and reading and knitting (me), and ironing work shirts and preparing roast chicken with stir-fried kale with pancetta and garlic for dinner later (M). Sunday is also hair wash day for little R. I think I'll spend the evening, after little R is in bed and we've had dinner, reading. I finished reading The Playdate yesterday. It was a disappointing book mainly because of bland writing. But I've started Night Waking by Sarah Moss and it's turning out to be both well-plotted and well-written - a winning combination.

So now another week approaches - a week of writing for me. But I'm also a mother so I'll be hosting a couple of playdates for little R after school. She starts swimming this week and continues with the Street Jazz class she started last week. She loves this class. She also wants to do a performance (singing & drama) class after school but I will wait until the new year before enrolling her because school goes fulltime in a week and I know she will be exhausted.


  1. Aaawww bless. Such a lovely post of relaxed weekend. Your daughter is beautiful.

  2. Thank you. Of course, I agree with you re my daughter :-)

  3. I love the crazy heart soundtrack, it's the only country music we have in our music collection I think. In fact, I'm going to put it on now, I think it is the perfect music for a grey monday morning!

  4. It's funny because I never think I like "country" music as such and yet I have in my collection Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen - not typical "country" at all but with that country flavour... Also Loretta Lynn's amazing and dark album she did with Jack White. That's one of my all time favourite albums. I used to listen to Nanci Griffith and 10,000 Maniacs (the latter not typically country but with a hint of....)

  5. we must live very close! We went to the Highbury Fields funfair - the kids spotted the signs on the way to school. We are at the Heath most weekends too - that's our neighbourhood.